We undertake the recruitment functions of your company by placing in-house recruiters to support your daily needs. Our experienced recruiters ensure that you have the best resources available in a short period of time and enable companies to effectively recruit the Talent that you require. We manage the full life cycle of the recruitment process, interface with department heads for their hiring requirements and ensure the hiring process is smoothly implemented up to onboarding of candidates. All RPO projects are supervised by a Senior Consultant to ensure the optimum results are achieved.

This enables organisations to focus on other key areas while being able to tap on the resources without unnecessarily committing to a long-term headcount.


Executive Compass works hand in hand with our clients to achieve their recruitment plans and objectives. We believe that fitting a candidate is more than just resume matching, but the overall organisation, career and personality fit. It is with this in mind that all candidates are carefully interviewed in detail to ensure the best fit for our Clients’ Organisations. Our aim has always been in a long-term engagement of candidates with our Clients’ organisations to ensure a smooth transition of candidates to their new work environment.

Our Practice Leaders are industry experts who are at the forefront of their industry, keeping up to date with the latest technological changes in their industry. They provide valuable insights into the industry and potential candidates who may fit our Clients’ Organisations.

From mid-level to board room, Greenfield or Brownfield projects on mass hiring, we are able to assist your organisation in finding the best fit candidates.