The Executive Compass Advantage

Expert Consultants

Our consultants are hand-picked professionals from their respective specialization and possess extensive expertise in the industry. Further, our consultants thoroughly research a client's needs in order to generate a comprehensive understanding of the client's business, organizational structure and culture.

Highly skilled and experienced in their respective fields, our pool of consultants share an insider's view of our clients' requirements. Armed with this advantage, our consultants complete each assignment with speed, accuracy and most importantly, total client and candidate satisfaction.

Our practice is further enhanced by a roundtable of experts who provide valuable insight into the exact needs and current issues of each industry. As leaders in their respective industries, their wealth of knowledge addresses and resolves quickly any challenges that may arise during the assignment.

Top Candidates

Our regional network and database of pre-qualified professionals provide instant access to reputable leaders throughout the region. With top-notch firms as our clients and being at the forefront of the talent acquisition process, we attract many potential candidates who are exploring career moves.

Global Reach

With a database that spans not only the region but also globally, Executive Compass provides a diverse and dynamic pool of talents to choose from. We employ a multi-channel sourcing strategy which includes a wide range of data mining tools, partnerships and strategic media positioning to achieve exclusive reach in our recruitment projects.

Commitment to Quality

Client and candidate satisfaction is our utmost priority, and personalising every assignment is vital in our acquisition process. Coupled with urgency and accuracy, the client can be assured of very select results. Through a performance-driven, time-tested process, Executive Compass provides a consistent rate of successful talent acquisition for our clients.